SDC – Partial Assignment, Rolled Up and Out – 15.1% potential return in 35 days

Last night 18 of the 71 Apr 24 $4.50 calls we sold got assigned (1,800 shares got called away at agreed to price of $4.50). Later today SDC shares increased from $5.30 to over $6.00. Not wanting more of the shares called away I “rolled up and out” (bought back the remaining 53 Apr $4.50 calls and sold 53 May 1 $6.00 calls. After rolling the options the stock dropped down to close at $5.27. So far the position is generating a 15.1% return in 35 days or 157% annualized. Goals is to see the positive momentum continue for SDC (stock has risen from $4.05 3/20 to $5.27 4/23).

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