Update on IB Account and BCRX, Vertical Roll $4/$5, Position +$6,916 in 56 days, 18% or 119% Annualized

IB account continues to perform well. MTD it is up $6,284 or 2.75% vs S&P +1.74%.

We are profitable in 6 of 7 positions. EW stock price continues to lag and we have not been selling calls anticipating a rise in stock price. Time to either double down or exit.

Yesterday (7/8) we did a vertical roll on BCRX from Jul 17 $4 to $5. Net cost for the transaction was $.83. When we sold the $4 calls on June 19 the calls were “at the money”. We were conservative as the stock had been moving down. The stock has rallied to $5.43. Our deep in the money call was providing little additional upside. The position has generated a profit of $6,916 in 56 days, 18.3% or 119% annualized.

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