Crazy Market…somehow generating great ROI!

On Wednesday afternoon during a late lunch break (working outside at the cottage) I reviewed my covered call positions and decided to roll a few positions up based on the strength of the market. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Checking back at the end of the day and find the market tanked just after I rolled up the positions….now it looked like a bad idea to roll up……and then yesterday Trump says he will play ball on some sort of stimulus package and the market jumped up…and it seemed like a good idea to roll up again. The chart below shows the day to day volatility of the account. $10-$20,000 daily swings on a $300,000 account. My Schwab account is swinging $50-$60,000 a day. Volatility was predicted going into the election….but this is unreal.

Overall trend looks good for the past 30 days today…..but wait until tomorrow!

YTD the account has now doubled, up 105% vs SPX up 13%. Not bad for covered call writing that is supposed to be more conservative than just buying stocks!

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