IB Account Holdings and Update, +$23,742 or 7.5% in last 30 Days

Our IB account continues to hit new highs…..despite my trepidation about remaining “all in” with the pending election and uncertainty about what may happen following the close of the polls.

The recent market run up has driven profits from the stocks up….but increased losses on the options (we are short the options). Six of the seven strategies are making money. PayPal is our only “loser”. We have been too conservative in the PYPL strike prices….missing most of the benefit of the recent price bounce up.

The stock positions have generated profits of $102,282. Stock options have offset about a third of the stock profits as stock prices have run past our strike prices. Overall the positions have generated net profits of $71,419.

Graphs of the positions follow with comments.

BCRX is generating all of the profits from the short option positions. The stock price has risen recently accelerating the net profits.
Dexcom stock price is down from highs over $430 in late August. Profit gains on the options helped offset some of the lost stock profit. Recent gains in the stock price helping to push the net profits higher.
NIO was a new position for the portfolio. The stock price had a big move up in late Sep causing the increase in stock profit that was mostly offset by offsetting losses on the options. Overall the trend is good as the stock price has settled and the high option premiums are starting to pay off.
Peleton has just been on a roll. The stock has run up, and up, and up. Our net profit is continuing to increase but we have left a lot of money on the table as the strike prices on the options we have sold are too conservative. However making money is making money…..
Our strike prices on PYPL have been conservative….influenced by the steady decline in price between early and mid Sep. We have missed some of the upside as the stock has rebounded.
SDC stock had a big jump in early October. We also missed most of the upside associated with the bounce due to the loss on the options as the stock rose.
Steris has been a pleasant surprise. Net profits have grown steadily since mid June. Recent jump in stock price also ran by our strike price so we missed some upside.

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