This picture says it all…..

We managed to make Ryan happy today when we got the cedar logs off his property in place holding up the front of the shed. I think this picture made the entire trip out west worth it!

You want to get this log where? This was at the “just talking about it stage”. Ryan’s girlfriend, Cat, has joined us to help out with the build…..and it turns out she knows what she is doing and was very helpful.

The “chain saw carpenter” went to work and did an amazing job of cutting the logs to length (square cuts) and then cutting the notch for the top plate and header to fit. Nice job leaving the front of the log intact which is what you see when you look at the front of the shed.

Can you believe it! We managed to get both logs in place with the strength to carry the load of the last three trusses. The logs do add a nice touch….and he has 18 acres of trees so I suspect he will continue to develop his log building skills.
It is beer time……I’m outta here after a productive day!

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