Hearty Cooking!

Some local hunters dropped off a few interesting items to cook…..and it was interesting.

This was my first experience cooking any type of heart. Cleaning the hearts was very time consuming….took me over an hour to clean the moose heart but I may have been overly diligent and cleaned more than I needed to. The bear heart was much smaller but I was surprised just how much smaller.

The bear heart was boiled for a very short period of time then sliced in rings. I was concerned it boiled too long (as it would get tough) but it turned out okay. The rings were heated up on the grill with a small amount of Kim’s homemade BBQ sauce. Not too much as I didn’t want to over power the natural taste. We served the bear heart as the appetizer. It was all eaten so I think it was a hit.

The moose heart was butterflied open so I had easy access for cleaning. After cleaning I used butcher’s twine to put it back into shape. The heart was marinated for about six hours in oil, vinegar, salt and pepper. Basic marinade to soften things up without changing the taste. We stuffed the heart with a bread stuffing prior to placing it in a roast pan. It cooked surprisingly fast….about 50% of what I was expecting. We let the heart “rest” for 30 minutes before carving it. Taste was excellent!

I would ask my wife to comment on the taste….but she stayed about as far from the kitchen as should could….and nothing got on her plate!

A fun meal that we shared with another family on the lake.

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