IB Account – 2021 Year End

The IB account generated a return of 17.5% (blue line) in 2021….within the goal of 1-2% per month but below the return of the SPX (500 stocks). Disappointed in performing below the SPX. My portfolio is overweighted on healthcare stocks. Omicron surge and the negative reaction was much higher in my account than the general … Continue reading IB Account – 2021 Year End

Hearty Cooking!

Some local hunters dropped off a few interesting items to cook…..and it was interesting. This was my first experience cooking any type of heart. Cleaning the hearts was very time consuming….took me over an hour to clean the moose heart but I may have been overly diligent and cleaned more than I needed to. The … Continue reading Hearty Cooking!

Oct IB Account Performance

Another month has come and gone……and it was a good month. Lots of travel, time with family, time with friends and a healthy market pushing to record highs. In the month our account increased over 7%….. above our monthly goal of 1-2%. YTD the account is now up almost 28% versus the S&P at 23%. … Continue reading Oct IB Account Performance

We have a shed….

Lots of progress the last couple of days as we finished the siding and got the roof on. This morning I started the drive back to Andover at 4:45 AM. Had to leave really early before Ryan was up and wanted help with more of the finishing (making doors, adding the batten over all the … Continue reading We have a shed….

Good week for IB account despite the distraction of building a shed

For the past week I have been “holed up” in Albert Canyon on a remote piece of property in the Rocky mountains. Maybe the distraction of building a shed, different time zone and slow wifi have limited my “reactionary trading” resulting in the IB account hitting a record high on Friday. For the week our … Continue reading Good week for IB account despite the distraction of building a shed


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