Building the shed foundation

We built the “foundation” on log posts 24 inches high. Albert Canyon can receive up to 40′ of snow so any elevation gain off the ground is advantageous in the winter. Each post hole was dug to the frostline and cement was poured around the logs. We are hoping the cement will preserve the posts and extend their life. Shed platform is 12 x 14. Actual shed will be 12 x 10 with a 4′ deck on the front.

Ryan demonstrating his chainsaw carpentry. I helped him install a few of the posts before taking a break for a wedding back east. On the return the joists were all done…..and amazingly square…within 1/4 inch….despite the challenge of cutting with the chainsaw. I think it might be his favorite new toy. Ryan’s brother, Cameron made a surprise visit from Bend, Oregon to help out…..and had his doubts about the approach…but it all worked out.

We finally picked up some new lumber this afternoon so tomorrow we get back to building the 6 remaining trusses. Sawmill did not have any 2 x 4’s so we can’t finish the two side walls yet. Hoping for better weather tomorrow…enough of the rain!