ATEC Position, Covered Call + Naked Put Generating positive results, Unrealized gain of +$1,687 in 28 Days, ROI 28.9% or 377% Annualized.

On 12/11 we opened a CC position on ATEC by purchasing 500 shares and selling 5 Jan 15 $10 Call options. In we also sold 5 naked Jan 15 $10 Puts as we were bullish on the stock and prepared to buy an additional 500 shares if assigned.

In subsequent trades we rolled the Jan 15 $10 Calls to $12.50 and then to $15. We also rolled the Jan 15 $10 Puts to $12.50.

Table below is a summary of the transactions.

Covered Call on PYPL, -$330 in 5 Days, -.4% or -27% Annualized.

On 7/13 we established a CC on PYPL. Stock fell over the next couple of days. On Friday we opened a second CC purchasing the stock at a lower price and writing a lower priced option ($175). We also did a calendar roll on the $177.50 call options for a net credit of $2.04. PYPL has performed well during the COVID recovery as more people are seeking non cash payment methods (Venmo).

April 2020 Covered Call Account Performance +$26,290 or +12%

April was a great month for investors despite uncertainty created by Covid-19 and oil. The account hit a record high late in the month. Option “premiums” are related to volatility. High volatility = high premiums. Options premiums in April were attractive (good for covered call writing). Weekly options are generating % premiums one would expect for a month option.

As we exit the month the we have covered calls on 10 stocks:

Stock = Ticker, G/L Stock = gain or loss on the stock. G/L = gain or loss on the cumulative option trades (roll up, down and out). Net = are we making money on the individual stock strategies and overall. We are making money on 8 of 10 positions. DXCM, EW and SDC are driving performance and represent a significant % of the account capital. Surprisingly two medical supply companies (Cardinal Health CAH, Steris STE) are losing money despite the shortfall in PPE. Might have been too late into the stocks. I know nothing about oil stocks so positions in Chevron (CVX) and Haliburton (HAL) are limited and educational.

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CC Portfolio +.63% Week Ending 4/26

Tuesday was a tough day. Account bounced back and ended with a gain for the week. Ending value is a new high. Hope to keep the gain over the next couple of weeks through earnings season.
10 covered call “positions” open.

Gain, Loss or Net is from March 3 or when the position was established.

DXCM is the largest holding with 400 shares @$322. Calls written against the shares are May 15 $280. Very conservative as shares are protected by $42 (difference between stock and strike price). DXCM earnings call on May 5 will create volatility. I have been burned by earnings calls in the past. Writing deep “in the money” reduces upside but sometimes it is better to protect gains (note – the options were not as “deep in money” when written – DXCM has appreciated significantly since the calls were written). My goal is to keep the DXCM shares for a minimum of 12 months so capital gains will be taxed as “long term” at 15%. Deep in the money calls increase the risk of being “called away” which would make the gains “short term”. After the earnings call and volatility is reduced I will “roll up” the calls close to where the stock price settles. IRS tax guidelines require covered calls to be “minimally in the money”, “at the money” or “out of the money” or they could rule “capital gain avoidance” and classify the gain as short term. With market (Covid, oil) and stock (earnings) volatility I am comfortable with the strike price but rolling to “at the money” after the earnings call is important.

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