Another milestone…..siding is going on

We placed “briding” in the walls to nail the siding to

This is the end result of the bridging…..just asking for some siding to be applied!

First piece of siding and the first wall almost complete. We are doing vertical “board and batten”. The wood is very green so the batten should help with the cracks from shrinking as the wood drys.

Ryan is headed to Kamloops this morning to pick up the metal roofing……so tomorrow we should be working on the roof.

Yesterday was a tough day in the market…..covered calls helped offset some of the losses but it wasn’t a great day. Hopefully today will be a better day. Looking better at the opening. Rolled down a couple of positions in Amazon and INMD.

The “Shed” is moving along!

When we ran out of wood (and something broke at the sawmill and we couldn’t get more 2 x 4’s) we switched to making our trusses. The first one definitely took a few hours to try, modify, try, modify, try……

Once we had our pattern the pace picked up. We decided to frame one of the walls in 2 x 6’s since we couldn’t get any of the 2 x 4’s. This allowed us to get the four walls framed and standing. The front shed wall has a five foot doorway so Ryan can open them wide and let some light in for working. The big doorway in the back is for parking a “yet to own” four wheeler. Plans are for that door to be a ramp that folds down. We put up the first and last trusses then filled in between. 9 of the 12 trusses are now in place with plans to finish the other three tomorrow.

Weather continues to suck as it rained yesterday afternoon, all night and again today until after lunch. Lots of stars in the sky tonight so it should be clear “building” tomorrow.

The top plates that are protruding out the front still need supports. The plan is to use two cedar logs we cut and peeled. It should be fun incorporating actual logs into the build….definitely a Ryan request. If he could have the whole structure would be out of logs sourced from his property…..but we don’t have the knowledge or the time. Maybe the next structure will be out of logs!